At our esteemed institution, we take great pride in the exceptional accommodation we provide for our students. We boast not just one, not two, but an impressive total of three breathtaking halls of residence for our beloved learners to take advantage of and revel in their unmatched independence and freedom of space. Out of these three phenomenal halls, two are exquisitely designed and dedicated solely to the comfort and luxury of our lovely female students, while the remaining one caters equally to our male students.

We also ensure that our highly esteemed Advanced Level pupils are catered to with their very own exquisite hall of residence, known as the Tyrannus. Here, they are comfortably accommodated in pairs in our meticulously designed rooms, leaving no detail out of their exceptional experience. Moreover, our stunning hostels boast an astonishing 18 rooms per hostel. Each of these rooms has capaciously been designed to cater and accommodate up to a maximum of six students, ensuring our cherished learners are never short of the company they crave. 

As an institution dedicated to the all-around betterment of our students, we take tremendous pride in affording each student their own individual power socket and night reading lamp for limited access to reading and studying so they can achieve their academic aspirations effortlessly.

At LEIHS, cleanliness reigns supreme. Our residence halls are spotless, thanks to our dedicated team of expert cleaners. They work tirelessly to maintain a hygienic environment that rivals even the Buckingham Palace. Each resident is furnished with a tidy cubicle featuring ample storage and hanging facilities to keep everything organized. Our incredible cleaning crew are the real MVP’s, ensuring our premises remain clean while accommodating residents’ needs. We owe them a big round of applause for making LEIHS a reassuring and healthy place to stay.

  • Our halls of residence are equipped with state-of-the-art bathrooms. Our Jewels have access to hot water for bathing throughout the course of the year. All the halls are illuminated with electricity and at no time are our jewels exposed to darkness. 


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